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The Documentary

Join us as we follow professional and fledgling board game designers as they strive to bring their heartfelt creations to life. The challenges are great, but their resolve is even greater as they toil night and day to turn their dreams into a reality. Will the designers find success and get their games out into the world? Or will their creations become too complicated and convoluted to complete? Only time–and a whole lot of persistence–-will tell what happens! 

Kelly North Adams playtests a new game.

Antoine Bauza works on his new prototype in his game workshop in France.

Doug Schepers contemplates how he is going to re-work his game..

Chris Faulkenberry works on his game prototype at a local game store.

Many conventions were attended while filming the project including Origins, GenCon, and Essen.

Matt Leacock considers a new design mechanic for his new game.

Doug Schepers gets some new equipment to help build his prototypes.

Antoine Bauza playtests his latest game with some friends and fellow co-designers.

Kelly North Adams gets a new prototype ready for playtesting.

The Cast

The Game Designers follows five main designers throughout the film (Antoine Bauza, Matt Leacock, Kelly North Adams, Doug Schepers, and Chris Faulkenberry).  The film also features additional designers and others in the industry who illuminate the stories of the featured set.

Antoine Bauza

7 Wonders 

Matt Leacock

Pandemic: Season 1
Pandemic: Season 2
Forbidden Island

Kelly North Adams

Veggie Garden
Chibi Quest
Swipe Right
Johnny Appleseed

Doug Schepers


Chris Faulkenberry

Battle for Biternia

Reiner Knizia

Tigris & Euphrates
Lost Cities
Through the Desert

Eric M. Lang

Blood Rage
Rising Sun
Arcadia Quest
Chaos in the Old World

Liz Spain

Widow’s Walk

Brittanie Boe

Be Bold Games

Ryan Lauket

Near and Far
Above and Below
Eight-Minute Empire

Seiji Kanai

Love Letter
Lost Legacy

Uwe Rosenberg

Le Havre

Jamey Stegmaier


Mike Selinker

Magic: The Gathering
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Axis & Allies

Mac Gerdts


Rob Daviau

Pandemic: Season 1
Pandemic: Season 2
Risk Legacy

Sen Foong Lim

Junk Art
Rock, Paper, Wizard

Dominique Metzler

Essen Game Fair

Corey Konieczka

Star Wars: Rebellion
Twilight Imperium IV
Eldritch Horror
Battlestar Galactica

Jason Matthews

Twilight Struggle
1960: The Making of a President
1989: Dawn of Freedom
Founding Fathers

The Crew

THE GAME DESIGNERS is brought to you by Zoom Out Media and BoardGameGeek.

After working on a heavy “Euro” game for a number of months, and hitting numerous dead-ends, Writer/Director Eric Rayl decided that telling the story of board game designers would be a worthy endeavor. So out he went and collected all the stories he could find regarding the subject. And after visiting many game conventions, traveling all over the world, and editing for hours and hours (and hours) on end he finally emerged with a completed film!

Along the way Eric caught the attention of Scott Alden at BoardGameGeek, and Scott decided to get involved with the project. And so with the two forces combined, they set out to make the best documentary possible about the world of board gaming and it’s designers.

Eric Rayl


Scott Alden

Executive Producer